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S&A Fabrications Limited, based out of Barnard Castle consists of a steel fabrication / erection & cladding company. As a part of our ongoing development and due to increased demand from our customers, we have opened a repair and maintenance division that will also undertake small building works, as well as fitting out.


Following so many injuries involving falls from height on relatively simple jobs, such as cleaning gutters and replacing damaged roof lights and sheets, it has meant that farmers can no longer carry out this work using ladders or the telehandler bucket. At S&A, we are here to help, we have both the training, certification and equipment to be able to offer a repair, quickly and effectively.



S&A have access to all of the materials required to undertake the work on your site, whether its new roof sheets, barge boards, guttering or simply sand and cement, we have it all in stock.


We also stock a range of animal handling products such as gates, water troughs and fittings and have access to a range of bespoke animal handling facilities.


Fit and fix

Our small works team have the equipment, skills and experience to fit any of the materials we supply, so if you need roof sheets replacing, or your handling system installing, we can do this.


Replacing broken roof sheets and repairing damaged gutters requires specialist equipment to ensure that legislation is complied with.


The law now states that it is the property owners responsibility to ensure that the people undertaking the work are properly trained and have the appropriate equipment to undertake the work.



The old phrase of “shutting the door once the horse has bolted” couldn’t be more truthful when it comes to maintenance of buildings. So often cleaning out gutters or replacing roof lights can stop a problem from occurring and therefore the costs associated with repair.


S&A can visit your premises annually and inspect your buildings either giving you a report recommending work to be carried out or inspect and repair whilst men and equipment are on site.


How this work is done is open to discussion, however, we normally make an annual charge for the visit and inspection and then charge on a time and materials basis for any work carried out. In doing this you have peace of mind that your livestock or crop won’t be getting wet due to a broken roof sheet, that a leaking downpipe won’t be putting excessive dirty water into a watercourse or on your yard.









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