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Simon Pelly

Managing Director


Simon joined us in 2008 from the automotive sector. With a degree in animal science Simon is at home on the farm and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Prior to the purchasing the business in 2018, Simon had worked his way up to Group Sales and Marketing Director. Simon is now Managing Director.


Jonathan Kirk

Estimating Director


Jonathan was our Senior Estimator prior to purchasing the business with Simon in 2018. He has been with us since 2010 and is a first-class mathematician and the hub of all knowledge when it comes to project details.

Andrew & Mike



Andrew has been with S&A since 2010. Andrew has worked in a couple of different departments before becoming our Purchasing Manager. Andrew joined S&A from the leisure sector and has travelled extensively, making him the ideal choice to sniff out the best deals allowing us to offer our clients the most competitive packages. Mike assists Andrew in purchasing and is Mr Calm. Rarely will you see Mike getting bothered by anything and he has the gift of being able to deal with anything we throw at him. We just want to know how he does it!!!


Sales and Estimating


Daryl  joined us in 2016 and deals predominantly in the local agricultural market place. Daryl is the guy who visits the farms to collect the information which he then works through to estimate.

Rob, Ashley, Matt and Joe

Drawing Office


By far the youngest group in the company and sometimes compared to a creche, but when it comes to computers and drawing these guys know their trade. Rob joined as a trainee in 2007 working on site and in the factory but settled in the drawing office and is now our Drawing Office Manager. In early 2017 Rob was joined by Joe as a trainee who was supposed to go on site and into the factory but has proved such an asset in the drawing office that he is been Tekla trained and is a key team member. Matt joined us in 2018 and is fitting in well to the team. You may well meet Rob, Joe and Matt as they complete site surveys prior to commencing detailing.

Sarah & Karen

Admin & Finance


Sarah has been with us since 2010 and we can’t remember when Karen joined as she has been here so long!! When it comes to organising and keeping the paper trails on track there is no team better. Sarah raises all the sales invoices and deals with all financial transactions whilst Karen processes the invoices and complete all of the internal paperwork. You will speak with either Sarah or Karen on the phone as they are the ones to receive the incoming calls.

Ian C,  Ian A ,Sean, Ross, Colin, Keith ,Mark H, Kevin ,Doug, Ciaran ,John, Tony, Graham and Philip



The workshop team is headed up by Ian Collinson (Ian C), our Fabrication Manager and has been with us for over 30 years. The workshop is home of some of our longest serving members. All of our Welder/Fabricators are coded welders to meet with our CE protocols and they work closely with our Fabrications Support staff to manufacture the buildings on time for our customers.

Trevor, Matt, Dave, Jimi, Kieran, Mark S ,Jamie, Bob, Cieoran

Site Team


Our site guys are lead by Chris our Projects Manager and these are the guys who you will meet if you buy an erected building from ourselves. All our guys have CSCS cards of different skills, CPCS plant cards and a raft of qualifications which allows them to erect the steel and cladding on a variety of sites across the country. We all have a lot of respect for these guys, not in the summer when they are topping up their tans but, in the winter when they have to work outside in all conditions.









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