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New Grain stores for Warter Estate

26 January 2017

Warter Estate is a 12,000 acre estate in the heart of East Yorkshire, who had traditionally taken all cut grains off site for drying and storage. In 2013 the owner contacted S&A and asked for a grain storage and handling solution as well as machinery store which would be phase one of a total farm building modernisation plan.

Once the site was chosen and planning obtained the existing stedding and house had to be demolished and the site made level, which entailed digging down 8m.

Doing this made way for a 90mx30m grain store with 8m eaves, a 23m plant tower and tipping pit as well as dust store and 90mx30m three quarter portal machine shed.

The main grain store comprises of 5 no 3,000 tonne pods which can store grain up to 12m deep, it includes a central gantry for access to the conveyor, and side gantry for access onto the grain for monitoring. The five pods each have a porch with concrete retaining panels to allow for maximum storage height.

On one end of the store is a 23m high tower which houses all of the grain handling equipment over five floors and includes and office and tipping pit. Along side this is a purpose made dust store designed to take a full size tipping trailer.

Finally, as a lean-to on one side of the grain store is a three quarter portal machinery shed. This building is 6m high at the eaves to accommodate the estates combines and folded drills. One opening is 18m wide to allow a combine to come straight from the field into the building with the header still on, and six openings are 12m wide to allow the Estates Challenger tractors with drills to drive straight into the building.

In the machine shed there is a 1m concrete panel between bays to prevent large machines hitting others or staff working on equipment. There is also a 1m panel 2m off the back wall to create a safe walkway the length of the building. Three 6m bays at one end have been lined with 4m concrete panels to create a wet tipping/overflow zone during the summer period.